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IQD is a prestigious international reference for the architecture and design sectors. Much more than a means of in-depth information, IQD is the fulcrum of a community, around which meetings, conferences, exhibitions and events develops with the aim of bringing cultural production to reaffirm its role as a vanguard in the process of understanding, and improving, the world.

Last issue

IQD 74 Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi with Massimo Russo and Nadia Bakhtafrouz

The designers we have chosen to illustrate this issue of IQD remind us that AI will stimulate borderline researches that will serve to make the architectural experience more interesting and complex, by enriching it with visionary and fantastic aspects that derive precisely from digital intelligence’s intrinsic ability to operate through metaphors.

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IQD 73 Leonardo Prieto with Daniele Lauria

October > December 2023 Get the issue

IQD 72 Andrea Boschetti with Alessandro Maggioni

July > September 2023 Get the issue

IQD 71 Amélia Tavella

April > June 2023 Get the issue

IQD 70 Alfredo Brillembourg URBAN-THINK TANK

January > March 2023 Get the issue

IQD 69 Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects

October > December 2022 Get the issue

IQD 68 Maria Aslam

July > September 2022 Get the issue


April > June 2022 Get the issue

IQD 66 Valerio Paolo Mosco

January > March 2022 Get the issue

IQD 65 Magda Mostafa

October > December 2020 Get the issue

IQD 64 TAMassociati

July > September 2021 Get the issue

IQD 63 Roberto Grio

April > June 2021 Get the issue

IQD 62 Aristide Antonas / Beniamino Servino

January > March 2021 Get the issue

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