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IQD Media Partner of the Twelfth Edition of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize

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Our magazine IQD joins the Media Partners of the Twelfth Edition of the prestigious International Dedalo Minosse Prize.

Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building, is promoted by ALA – Assoarchitetti and Regione del Veneto. The Prize, founded in 1997, is biennial and is currently in its twelfth edition. The Prize would boost the quality of architecture looking at final result, analysing and focusing on project and constructive plan process and giving a special attention to people who determine the success of the work: the architect and the client, supported by the project executors (the building firms) and the public administrations.

An international and multidisciplinary jury will award public and private clients, together with their architects, with particular attention to the quality of projects of architectural, urban planning, environmental and social value, which have distinguished themselves for the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the work, the application of Design for All, the treatment of natural light, the sustainable use of resources, the enhancement and preservation of the environment, landscape and architectural heritage, the use of innovative technologies and materials, the use of renewable energy and resources and the enhancement of local traditions and languages. A special space is reserved for the younger generation and Italian architects under 40, which is offered an opportunity for international comparison.

From March 2022 to May 2022 it will be possible to register for free for the XII edition, on the online platform designed to facilitate registration, by completing the form on the Dedalo Minosse website.
Online form: https://www.dedalominosse.org/ita/2022_iscrizione.php
Regulation: https://www.dedalominosse.org/doc/regolamento_21_22.pdf
Highlights dates:
March 23, 2022 – registration opening
May 06, 2022 – closing date

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