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Casalgrande Padana presents its new collections at Cersaie 2022

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Casalgrande Padana – a company that for more than 60 years has been evolving ceramic materials, innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for cladding, flooring and facades are capable of meeting any creative or technological requirements in the world of architecture and design – presented its latest collections Supreme, Fusion, English Wood, Era, Stile, Timeless, Terrazzotech and City, at Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, in Bologna from 26 to 30 September.

SUPREME: The Natural Shine of Salt Crystals

Supreme tiles result from Casalgrande Padana’s research. They draw inspiration from rock salt crystallisation, replicating its colours, texture, and shine. The elegant tiles from the new collection are perfect for the floors and walls of residential, public and commercial buildings, the contract furnishing, wellness, and hospitality sectors, and even luxury yachts. Casalgrande Padana’s new collection isflexible and versatile. It’s ideal for creating exclusive furnishings and tiling accent walls, partition walls, sliding doors, countertops, cabinetry, and tables. Moreover, the large formats and anti-slip finish make Supreme tiles perfect for creating a visual continuity between floors and walls, interiors and exteriors.

The Supreme collection comes in four colours (Grey, Dark, Sand, and Taupe) and various formats and finishes. The 30×60 cm format is 9 mm thick and features a natural or Grip finish. The 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm formats come with a natural, polished, or Grip finish, while the 120×120 m format has a natural or polished finish as the large 120×278 cm format (6 mm thick). The polished finish further emphasises the latter’s appearance.

Supreme Dark, Taupe, Grey, Sand
Flooring: Supreme Dark – Covering: Supreme Grey

FUSION: Metal-Effect Tiles

The new Fusion collection results from Casalgrande Padana’s aesthetic researchand technological innovation. It replicates the effects of metal oxidation, chrome plating, and other processes, creating stunning colours and finishes. Iridescent accents, modern metal effects, and porcelain stoneware’s outstanding technical features allow these tiles to be used on the floors and walls of any domestic space. They are also perfect for tiling furnishings, countertops, partition walls, and accent walls. 

Fusion comes in six colours (Black, Copper, Graphite, Green, Grey, and White), with a natural finish, and in various formats and thicknesses. The 60×60 cm, 60×120 cm, and 120×120 cm formats are 9 mm thick, while the large 120×278 cm format is 6 mm thick. In addition to their sophisticated colours, Fusion tiles stand out for the typical shine of oxidised metal.

Fusion Black, Graphite, Copper, Green, Grey, White
Flooring: Fusion Graphite, Fusion Black – Covering: Fusion Green, Fusion Graphite

ENGLISH WOOD: Oak-Effect Tiles

Oak wood is synonymous with quality and elegance and has been used since ancient times. Now, the wood obtained from majestic European, American, and Japanese oak trees comes to life in Casalgrande Padana’s new English Wood tile collection. Accentuated veining and a palette of soft, bright colours create a contemporary idea of living and appealing architectural solutions. They are perfect for any use and interior design style, classic, modern, glam, you name it. English Wood is the perfect collection for large surfaces in public and commercial spaces in the contract furnishing, wellness, and hospitality sectors, such as the floors of hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, they can also add style and personality to any domestic space.

The new English Wood collection comes in six colours (Cheshire, Dean, Epping, Galloway, Highland, and Snowdonia) and two formats. The 20×120 cm format is 9 mm thick and has a natural and anti-slip finish. The 40×120 cm format is 20 mm thick and features a Grip finish. This format is only available in the Cheshire, Galloway, and Snowdonia colours.

English Wood Galloway, Snowdonia, Dean, Cheshire, Highland, Epping
Flooring: English Wood Galloway

ERA: The Charm of Stone and the Strength of Porcelain Stoneware

The Era collection results from continuous aesthetic research and advanced technologies and is the latest addition to Casalgrande Padana’s range of stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles. These modern tiles combine stone’s natural charm and porcelain stoneware’s outstanding technical features, elevating their application potential. Irregular veining, harmonious nuvolato effects, delicate colours, and play of light and shadow emphasise these tiles’ colour and the pleasant tactile quality of their reference material. 

The Era collection comes in six colours (Era Bianca, Bruna, Crema, Grigia, Perla, and Pepe) and various formats. The 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm, and 60×120 cm formats are 9mm thick and feature a natural and anti-slip Grip version. The 120×120 cm format is 9 mm thick and has a natural finish. Era’s outdoor version is 20 mm thick and is available in Era Crema, Grigia and Perla. These tiles’ excellent technical features and anti-slip finish make them perfect for colour-coordinated projects with visual continuity between interiors and exteriors.

Era Pepe, Bruna, Grigia, Crema, Perla, Bianca
Flooring: Era Pepe

STILE: Stone-Effect Tiles

Stile is an elegant and versatile porcelain stoneware tile collection that combines sophisticated beauty, excellent technical features, and a vast array of finishes. Stile tiles are rectified and perfectly mimic fine stone surfaces. Their different sizes and finishes allow for many laying patterns and solutions for highly personalised spaces. These compact and incredibly wear-resistant stone-like tiles result from cutting-edge technology, making them suitable for any climate and any project, including new and restored commercial and public buildings.

Stile comes in six colours (Beige, Black, French Grey, Pale, Pearl, and White Smoke), six formats (30×60, 60×60, 60×120, 120×120, 45×90, and 90×90 cm), and two thicknesses (9 and 20 mm). This new collection is available with various finishes (antiqued, antiqued silk, diagonal, grip, natural, natural silk, and ribbed), perfect for creating uninterrupted surfaces between interiors and exteriors.

Stile Black, French Grey, Beige, Pale, Pearl e White Smoke
Flooring: Stile Beige Naturale Silk – Covering: Stile Beige Naturale, Modulo A e Bacchetta Bronzo

TIMELESS: Porcelain Stoneware Tiles: A Modern Classic

The past and the future merge to create the new Timeless collection. These tiles give a modern twist to full-body porcelain stoneware, the ageless material that has made Casalgrande Padana’s history. Timeless tiles stand out for their neutral colours, delicate light accents and nuvolato effects, the tactile evenness of their surface, and concrete’s typical trowel effect. These tiles are made of innovative double-charge porcelain stoneware with atomised and micronised powders. This way, they mimic concrete’s colour combinations, expanding their scope of application. Timeless tiles ensure a consistent surface and body structure as the colour runs throughout the tile. So, for example, if you removed the superficial layer, you’d discover an identical surface underneath without affecting the tiles’ aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, these tiles withstand significant static and dynamic loads, foot traffic, and continuous vibrations.

This new collection comes in five colours (Charcoal, Ice, Seal, Taupe, and Thunder), three formats (30×60 cm, 60×60 cm, and 60×120 cm), three finishes (natural, polished, and bushhammered), and a 9.4 mm thickness, except for the 60×60 cm format with a natural finish, which is 14 mm thick.

Timeless Charcoal, Seal, Thunder, Taupe, Ice
Flooring: Timeless Seal naturale, bocciardato

TERRAZZOTECH: Porcelain Stoneware Tile Collection for Public and Commercial Spaces

Terrazzotech tiles give a modern twist to Venetian terrazzo floors, one of the most original and renowned Italian creations with centuriesof history. These double-charge porcelain stoneware with atomised and micronised powders are incredibly wear-resistant. That’s why the Terrazzotech collection is perfect for the floors and walls of public and commercial spaces particularly exposed to stress and wear. It’s also ideal for industrial spaces, such as chemical laboratories requiring chemical and corrosion resistance, and the pharmaceutical and food sectors, which must comply with stringent hygiene standards. 

This new collection comes in six colours (Tech Antracite, Argento, Beige, Bianco, Grigio, and Nero), three finishes (natural, polished, and anti-slip bushhammered), three sizes (30×60, 60×60, and 60×120 cm). The tiles are 9.4 mm thick, but the 60×60 cm format with a natural finish is 14 mm thick. The overall pattern is a modern and dynamic puzzle created by chips in various shapes and sizes added to the porcelain stoneware mixture.

Terrazzotech Nero, Antracite, Grigio, Argento, Bianco e Beige

The City Collection by KPF

In collaboration with the SBGA architecture firm in Milan, KPF enthusiastically embraced the idea of studying a collection able to use cutting-edge production techniques to create a modern material expression. The designers sought to achieve the appearance and diversity of natural materials, enhancing them with the desirable technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware. The City Collection by KPF evolved from the collaboration with Casalgrande Padana, with the ambition to createa new collection of ceramic tiles that could be used in place of stone or concrete in awide range of applications, from indoor floors and walls to outdoor façade coverings.

The collection was inspired by four international cities: New York, Londra, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The intention was to create a series of tiles able to embody the subjective experience of each of the places, featuring references to the character, materials, urban shapes and patterns of these fabulous cities. From a distance, the tiles in the collection are perceived as finely grained surfaces, with subtle variations incolour and texture. When viewed at close range, however, it is possible to discern the geometric patterns that create this particular effect.

Metropoli New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Londra,

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are made solely with natural raw materials through a closed-cycle manufacturing process where sophisticated antipollution equipment allows all the components to be recycled and reused with substantially zero emissions or dispersions.

Moreover, all Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are environmentally sustainablenon-allergenic, and antibacterial, thanks to the Bios Antibacterial® technology (available upon request). In addition, they are fire-resistant, easy to lay and clean, hard-wearing, non-absorbent, and feature excellent flexural strength. Their exceptional mechanical strength maintains all their features unchanged over time. As a result, these wood-effect tiles are not affected by temperature fluctuations, whatever the latitude, and never warp. What’s more, porcelain stoneware features high transmittance and thermal conductivity, making it one of the best choices in the event of underfloor heating. Underfloor heating has many advantages and not just from an aesthetic point of view. For example, it spreads heat evenly in all the rooms of the house, preventing mould formation. It also allows for significant energy savings as it integrates into other systems that use renewable and sustainable energy.

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