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Tabu presents ‘WoodS ExperiencE’ at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024

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Tabu – a Cantù-based company considered an international reference in natural wood dyeing and multilaminar wood technology – brought to the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 the experience of the Forest, the matrix of all production that has been supplying wood for furniture all over the world for almost a century.

An immersive experience, where the company greeted visitors through an experience that interprets, with inlays, new woods and custom-made floors, the Forest and Water, the two sources of raw materials that feed the collections. The stand, divided into de areas and designed by architect Alessia Galimberti, is presented as a natural and relaxing environment in which the three-dimensionality and colours of wood enhance the concept of sustainability and respect for the raw material.

“WoodS ExperiencE”

The new ‘WoodS ExperiencE’ collection, launched during the Salone del Mobile 2024, includes an assortment of 22 new products, ranging from inlays inspired by the Forest and Water theme, to innovative TABU reFIGURED veneers, which open up a new frontier in real wood veneer through a series of processes that add desired orientations to the wood fibres.

The Forest is thus evoked not only as the origin of the Tabu product but above all as an inspiration for furniture and interior projects, all completely Made in Italy using certified woods and avoiding waste of production and materials.

The London-based Ilex Studio decorated the exhibition spaces with flowering acorns, because from a simple acorn a plant can be reborn; in fact, “WoodS ExperiencE is a hymn to recycling, respect for the environment and carbon neutrality, themes that the company has been developing for years and that have led it to be the first Italian company in the wood industry to declare its environmental impacts and related compensation activities.

The new collection can also be seen at the Milan showroom ‘Casa Tabu’, where the 555 veneer library also awaits.

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