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Reflections of Light On show at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, the new Vanità&Casa and Vanità Living mirrors for the bathroom and home

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For over ten years, Vanità&Casa has been designing and manufacturing mirrors and storage mirrors to serve the person and his or her needs, which stand out for their modern, functional lines and above all for the light, based on modern technologies such as Ghost and MLS. This year during the Salone del Mobile 2024, the company presented its new products in a dedicated stand within the Salone Bagno and another dedicated to Living.

Vanità&Casa Salone del Mobile 2024
Bathroom mirrors

Among the collections on the stand dedicated to the bathroom area, Mirage and Perla stand out.

Designed by architect Massimo Farinatti, Mirage is an extremely functional and essential line of mirrors that features a light source made with low energy consumption LEDs and the innovative Ghost technology that makes the light source totally invisible when switched off. In addition, the light can be switched on by separate sectors using the innovative Modular Light System, also allowing the desired brightness level, intensity and colour temperature to be selected. In the Round and Oval models, a shelf integrated into the mirror surface has been included, leaving a space of just one millimetre for easy cleaning and hygiene.

Perla is an elegant and refined mirror. Its chiselled glass frame with ambient and direct LED light creates a precious play of reflections and a delicate 3D effect. It is equipped with an infrared switch that allows the light to be switched on, off, dimmed and changed in colour.

Solutions for living and home

In the space dedicated to the products of Vanità Living, the collection of mirrors and furnishing elements for the entire home created to enrich the domestic environment with precious reflections that bring more light, increase perspective, and characterise and beautify every room, the solutions follow one another, creating elegant and stylish atmospheres.

Foggy, the mirror designed by Studio Adolini and inspired by nature, was previewed at the Salone del Mobile in its free-standing version. Based on Ghost technology, Foggy is characterised by a frame of light that can appear and disappear like a luminous fog, starting from the outer perimeter towards the centre of the mirror, so as to illuminate and not dazzle the person. A soft, gentle and natural light is thus generated, a radial light that gradually fades between the illuminated and non-illuminated parts.

Boomerang, the mirror designed by architect and designer Massimo Farinatti with a colourful wooden frame, reproduces organic shapes inspired by the elements of nature through the use of inlay technology. Obtained by laser cutting, three different wooden essences were then composed by hand to determine the mirror’s chromatic impact.

Freeway, is a decagonal mirror where the single-colour frame can be switched on and adjusted in intensity and gradation with a convenient touch sensor. Each side is a possible light source that draws surprising geometries in the space. With its aluminium frame and integrated lights with Ghost Frame technology and Modular Light System, which allows you to choose which areas of illumination to activate, with what intensity and at what Kelvin temperature, Freeway is equipped with an on/off switch with colour change, anti-fog function and safety film.

Nibiru Shoes is a vertical storage mirror that rotates 180 degrees to reveal a shoe rack. Placed in the entrance of a home, this furnishing element fulfils a dual function: an opportunity to take a last look at one’s figure before going out and a practical storage space for shoes.

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