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ReThinking the Future – Anthology One / Tabu

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Refined and exclusive textures characterize the new ReThinking the Future – Anthology One collection, recently launched by Tabu, the Cantù-based company considered as an international reference in the dyeing technology of natural and multi-laminar wood.

It is a powerful composition of dyed natural veneers, whose biodiversity is enhanced both in the Biodiversity line and in the other industrial inlays Stella PolareDùnamis and Ellissi from the Graffiti Collection, created in collaboration with the marquetry master Mario Moriggi.

City Vibes

The entire collection, faithful to the company’s avant-garde vocation, is based on the principles of product innovation and Circularity, intended above all as the rational and appropriate use or reuse of resources during all stages of the production cycle. This vision has always guided Tabu towards a wise enhancement and an absolute respect for the biodiversity; the optimized use of the noble raw material from FSC © certified forests minimizes the environmental impact.

Tondo Tondo

Included in the Biodiversity lineForest is an industrial inlay with a strong aesthetic impact, which conveys the vital energy of the forest and the imposing evergreen leaves moved by the wind, thanks to the diagonal arrangement of the sheets of different wood species. In Biodiversity Wood-post-it the technique of the mosaic combination of natural dyed wood veneers creates a kaleidoscopic blend made up of many revalued wood species. Biodiversity All-in enhances biodiversity through the optimal reuse of noble wood species, up to 12, freely combined in vertical or horizontal bands, which create a unique, ever-changing effect.

Finally, included in the Graffiti Collection, Stella Polare, Dùnamis and Ellissi are the new industrial inlays resulted from the collaboration with the marquetry master Mario Moriggi and created with metal inserts. The artistic soul of these inlays gives the opportunity to paint with the matter. The raw material with which these inlays are created is given a new life: reused materials where the coordinated colours allow the inlay to enhance the natural veins of wood.

Dùnamis, Ellissi, Stella Polare

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