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Neverland, Oliver and Teorema, the three new sofas by antoniolupi to furnish the living area with style

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The Tuscan company’s catalog is enriched with three sofas. For a home under the banner of an elegant and refined total look.

antoniolupi opens up to the world of upholstered furniture. Having left the confinements of the bathroom a few years ago, the Tuscan company now enriches its catalog with three sofas for the living area: Neverland and Oliver, designed by Carlo Colombo, and Teorema by Gumdesign + AL studio.

Three sofas with an elegant and refined style part of the larger antoniolupi ATELIER_antoniolupi project. A collection of furniture designed to allow architects to create a complete and coordinated project. A total look in which each room of the house can dialogue harmoniously with the others.

Neverland Sofa

Neverland designed by Carlo Colombo

A domestic architecture with square shapes, a sequence of volumes, of solids and voids that come together to create an important island, even a large one; a series of rigid elements, of geometric angles, designed with rigor, thin thicknesses and proportional balance. The elegance of the Neverland sofa is expressed in the choice of materials and the possible combinations that define a spacious, elegant, and tailored relaxation space.

The corner elements serve as practical shelves and allow books and objects to be stored, increasing the functionality of the sofa, and effectively enhancing the back of the sofa as well. Neverland is available in a variety of sizes and combinations, with black chrome painted aluminum feet, back rests and upholstery in a wide choice of fabrics and leathers. The small footprint of the leg and feet, some of which are not visible, give the sofa a feeling of lightness and suspension.

Neverland Sofa

Oliver designed by Carlo Colombo

Compact forms and balanced proportions. Oliver, designed by Carlo Colombo is an elegant and informal sofa that can be extensively customized. The essential and rigorous metal structure features angular profiles and 45° cuts and can be painted in the entire antoniolupi color range. There is also a wide selection of fabrics and leathers, which can be chosen in the same shade as the structure or contrasted to enhance it.

The geometry of the metal structure with angular profiles is sharp and regular, with the armrests of the seats being pure volumes. Oliver is a sofa that is perfectly balanced due to its compact shapes and proportions. There is a wide choice of fabrics and leathers, which dialogue with the trendy shades of the structure that have the task of highlighting it or, on the contrary, making it almost disappear from view.

Oliver Sofa

Teorema designed by Gumdesign + AL studio

Modularity, with absolute freedom. As in the simplest and often successful ideas, the Teorema upholstered furniture system is reduced to the essentials, to two geometric figures that placed freely in space give way to infinite compositions. Just two elements that give origin to places of relaxation that can be broken down and recomposed at will, moved and relocated, rotated or paired. Everything stems from the pivotal element, the only unavoidable one, a pouff with squared shapes on top of which rest ballasted backrests and armrests, that is, which contain a weight, appropriately calibrated, that ensures their stability and the maintenance of the chosen position. There are no hinges or fastening systems; everything is free and changeable with a single gesture.

The different sizes of the ottomans and maximum freedom of reconfiguration allow the shape of the sofa to vary at any time to quickly adapt to different daily needs. From a place of absolute, intimate and private relaxation to an island of conveniences, from workstation to statement space, all in a few moments. Teorema is available in multiple variations of leathers and fabrics, all of the highest quality. The seat height is 32 cm, but with the aid of optional industrial casters, which further increase ease of movement, it reaches the standard height of 42 cm.

Teorema Sofa

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