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Gunnebo Entrance Control

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Gunnebo Entrance Control, access control and design in the IoT era

Gunnebo Entrance Control, company of the Swedish multinational Gunnebo, leading group in the security industry, offers access control solutions that integrate cutting-edge technologies and a design appreciated by designers all around the world. The Gunnebo Entrance Control range includes systems for every need, always able to enhance the architectural context in which they are inserted. Gunnebo Entrance Control has been able to respond to the new challenges by proposing technologies that are perfectly compatible with the changing scenarios of the IoT era and capable of interfacing with the interconnected buildings.

A good impression

Access control systems are often found at the entrance to buildings and are the first impact for a visitor; it is therefore essential that they are likeable, to enhance the architectural context, and easy to use. Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions seek and achieve the right balance between the access control function, which implies a deterrent aspect towards anyone who tries to overcome barriers without authorization, and the aesthetics of the environment.

SpeedStile motorized gates

The solution most loved by design studios is the SpeedStile range of motorized gates. Since their launch a few years ago, it was clear that these gates would represent a revolution in the access control segment, combining technical expertise with a refined aesthetics. If traditional barriers could be perceived as obstacles to circulation, the SpeedStile gate is instead a decorative element that enhances its context while offering an easy crossing. Those who are not authorized are blocked, but the blocking aspect becomes evident only when the fraudulent access attempt occurs. The SpeedStile range includes solutions for all needs: the motorized glass doors, available in different shapes and heights, combined with innovative sensors, guarantee a high level of safety. The different models can be adapted to suit any space. But certainly the most fascinating aspect for designers are the virtually unlimited customization possibilities: innovative materials, new and original finishes, surprising lighting effects and a wide range of colors ensure to perfectly fit them into any project.

GlasStile motorized doors

Very much appreciated by architects is also the GlasStile line of silent and discreet motorized doors, with glass doors that do not subtract brightness from the environment. Ideal for combining the aesthetic needs of the environment with the intensity of the flow of visitors and the guarantee of a good level of security, they are extremely refined in the basic version in glass and steel and available with a wide range of customizable finishes for the lids of the columns and the handrails.

Versatile Systems

The wide range of Gunnebo Entrance Control also includes simple solutions, such as the very famous, practical and timeless SlimStile and TriStile tripod turnstiles: compact and reliable barriers, with virtually no maintenance requirements, which allow the flow of a large number of people. Available in numerous versions, for indoors or outdoors, they can also be customized on request with finishes in different colors. The full-height RotaSec, ClearSec and RevoLite turnstiles are instead ideal for unattended access, even outside the buildings. When a more refined aesthetic effect is required, while maintaining high levels of security, the easy-to-use GyroSec revolving doors are ideal, combining transparency and essential lines for efficient and at the same time discreet control. The natural evolution of these barriers in the sense of an even higher level of security are the HiSec security booths, impregnable and at the same time compact and pleasing to the eye, particularly appreciated in banks and government offices where access by authorized persons only is vital. The numerous Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions also include systems specifically designed for airports, public transport and sports facilities, which combine considerable flow capacity with advanced security features. The solutions for regulating pedestrian flows in retail deserve a separate mention: Girello and Pass-O-Mat have unique lines, despite the countless attempts to imitate them that have never managed to replicate the same balance between strength, durability, performance and design. which characterizes the Gunnebo Entrance Control systems.

A concrete support

Always attentive to the needs of designers, Gunnebo Entrance Control has developed an exclusive manual that illustrates the advantages offered by new technologies to those who design building infrastructures. The new technical manual “The Interconnected Buildings – the evolution of security systems in the IoT era” describes the potential of the Internet of Things and in general of technologies applied to the design of smart buildings with particular reference to physical security, guiding in the choice of the ideal access control system. The Technical Manual in Italian language can be requested Free of Charge on page https://www.gunneboentrancecontrol-italia.it/manuale-edifici-intelligenti/?utm_source=csIQD

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