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Fantoni Office Solutions at Dubai IFC

Architect: Davide Chiaverini D-Interiors
Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year: 2022
Photographer: Marco Boria
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Well-lit, functional, flexible, simple yet welcoming, workplaces are increasingly designed for the psychophysical wellbeing of the employees, with the aim of stimulating their creativity and efficiency. Characterized by a careful study of colours, the use of natural and sustainable materials, the search for elegant details and the balanced combination of straight and curved lines, the furnishings by Fantoni – Italian leading manufacturer of office furniture, partition storage wall systems, sound-absorbing systems and MDF and chipboard panels – are all designed to meet any need in terms of ergonomics, acoustics, aesthetics and climate comfort and to enhance any working experience.

These features make Fantoni furniture the ideal choice in the creation of workplaces that aim for the highest quality level, as in the case of the recent project of the prestigious headquarters in Dubai of GFH Capital, the investment banking affiliate of GFH Financial Group Bahrain. After the offices in London, the group opened the new headquarters in the DIFC, the Dubai International Financial Center, inside a four-storey owned building. For this project Fantoni collaborated with architect Davide Chiaverini of the Bahraini firm D-Interiors to design a dynamic and informal environment – as per the client’s request – that consolidates the identity of the financial institution. For this reason – architect Chiaverini explains – we relied on Fantoni, that has configured the work areas, customizing them and reconciling the many requirements of the client with my stylistic choices.

Fantoni office solutions played a fundamental role in creating the workplaces required by a demanding client, the Middle Eastern GFH Capital, and by the challenging design of architect Davide Chiaverini who, in collaboration with Mohamed Ghareeb, GFH Project Manager, aimed at the highest quality in terms of acoustics, ergonomics, versatility and aesthetic refinement: starting from the partitions of the innovative I-Wallspace system, which define the offices of the new headquarters in a play of transparency and solidity, up to the furnishings from the large Framework collection, made with 98% recyclable materials, with its storageunits that perform the dual function of separating the work areas and decorating the rooms with plants.

The individual work positions belong to the Woods collection, whose solid wood desks stand out for the distinctive sloping design of the legs, which gives them a sober yet sophisticated look. In meeting rooms, Meet Up tables reflect a move away from the traditional executive space, becoming less and less individual and more and more meetingcentred, with a newfound vocation for functionality and essentiality. These spaces are inspired by the comfort of a residential environment, where essential lines are combined with decorations of great personality that reproduce the veining of marble, in the Calacatta and Noir colourways.

The Outline bookcases also contribute to creating a professional setting, without losing the perception of the aesthetic quality of a domestic interior. The wall-mounted version is composed of an outer frame, which outlines a space for both display and storage. The compositions are mainly horizontal and include storage units, drawers and flaps. Finally, the pursuit of well-being and environmental quality is complemented by the wall- and ceiling-mounted 4akustik sound-absorbing systems which perfectly meet all the challenging design choices.

  • Architect: Davide Chiaverini D-Interiors
  • Year: 2022
  • Project Manager: Mohamed Ghareeb for GFH
  • Photo: Marco Boria
  • City: Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

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