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Architects meet in Selinunte 2022

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From 23 to 25 2022, the 11th edition of Architects Meet in Selinunte – organized by architecture critic Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi and promoted by AIAC Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism – was held with the title “Volare Oh Oh – Regenerate, Requalify, Restart.” It addressed the theme of the opportunities for architecture in Italy. In the extraordinary location of Baglio Florio at the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, the theme of hospitality architecture was discussed in the presence of numerous Italian and foreign architects, with a particular focus on the redevelopment and regeneration of accommodation facilities and spaces.

Within “Architects meet in Selinunte”, the exciting Happening in Sunset_Architecture for Peace_Istant Sketches took place on 24 June. An initiative of the “Francesco La Grassa” – Architects in the Mediterranean Foundation and of the Association of Architects, Urban planners, Landscape architects, Conservators of architectural and environmental heritage of Trapani, concept by Vito Maria Mancuso and Giuseppe Todaro, with the splendid music of Alfredo Giammanco_Dronescape “hommage à Iannis Xenakis “.

Architects, designers, urban planners and experts, coordinated by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Orazio La Monaca and Giulia Mura, presented projects, achievements and visions conceived to improve the local cultural offer. As part of the program, on Friday, June 24, there was the presentation of issue 67 of IQD with the “Re:making City” section, curated by architecture firms LDA.IMDA and ARW. Roberta Busnelli, Editorial Director of IQD, and architects Paolo Posarelli and Cristina Toni of the LDA.IMDA studio, illustrated the numerous contributions within the issue dedicated to improving life in a selection of European metropolises.

“The reflection proposed in this section Re:making City is divided into two parts: the first consists of the contribution of specialists who elaborate and develop a specific theme with a mainly theoretical slant and the second features analyzes and considerations on specific urban realities, trying to identify projects and researches that are then compared and cross-checked with the assertions of the first part. The emerging trends show a European population increasingly determined to live in cities and the target to decongest the city by limiting private vehicle traffic, with the consequent need/opportunity to increase the urban quality throughout the city thanks to polycentric systems. The housing policy also assumes central importance, aiming at overcoming the logic of land value by creating the possibility of coexistence for different social strata. The most relevant issue however remains that of climate change, whose actions to combat it cannot start from cities alone. We need a new global strategy but only a few people seem to be interested in. Environmental and social factors, such as the increase in population and communications, are at the origin of this structural change. As this analysis shows, today’s Europe is changing, it is still homogeneous and solid, but it maintains differences, especially as far as the integration of migratory flows is concerned, which materializes in the way of living and accessing the different opportunities. It is once again evident that the city is the indirect and direct expression of democracy”.

The presentation concluded with an invitation to the architectural community to boldly share, through our publishing medium, their visions, plans and thoughts aimed at improving human life within cities and their relationship with the non-built.

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