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Presentation of the book “The Panic Oath” / Anagni

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On Friday, 15th October 4:30 pm in the Sala della Ragione of the Town Hall of Anagni there was the presentation of the book “The Panic Oath. For an aesthetic political brotherhood in architecture” (Marsilio Editori) written by architect Gianluca Peluffo, curator of issue 59 of IQD. The event, patronized by the Municipality of Anagni, was organized by the Association of Architects of Frosinone.

In addition to the author, architects Flavio Mangione (National Councilor CNAPPC), Roberto Grio (Art Director of SPAM the Rome Architecture Festival), Ernesta Caviola (OAPPC Imperia), Marco Brizzi (Critic and curator of initiatives related to architecture) and Dr. Roberta Busnelli (Editor in Chief of IQD) attended the presentation.  After the institutional greetings of the Mayor of Anagni Daniele Natalia, of the Councilor for Culture Carlo Marino and of the President of the Association of Architects of Frosinone Claudio Vecchio, the meeting was moderated by architect Federica Caponera (Vice President of the Training Department of the Association of Architects of Frosinone) and by architect Tiziana Di Folco (Director of the Culture Department of the Association of Architects of Frosinone).

The book proposes a brotherhood for architecture: Gianluca Peluffo, prominent architect, plays the role not of the theorist, but of the restless thinker who highlights the aesthetic-political role of his profession. The oath of brotherhood takes shape around the idea that architecture is the meeting place of the individual feeling and the collective feeling of a community. Through space and language, this anti-individualist “fusion of horizons” pursues the goal of “building the citizen”. In this sense, the political role of architecture is not only achievable but also inevitable, a “destiny” within the physical and spiritual things of the building act. The text identifies a genealogical path of Italian art, or more generally, of Mediterranean art which creates this aesthetic-political mechanism in a transversal and interdisciplinary way.

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