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Presentation of Light + Building 2024

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On Wednesday 29 November, at Spazio IlluMi in Milan, the presentation of the 2024 edition of Light + Building, the leading international trade fair for the world of lighting and smart building, which will take place from 3 to 8 March 2024 in Frankfurt am Main, was held. The presentation was opened by Johannes Möller, Director Brand Management of Light + Building, who introduced the 2024 fair with a special focus on Italy and the ‘top’ themes that will characterise the next edition.

Thanks to this unique combination, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and intelligent building in Frankfurt is the industry’s international meeting place for experts, manufacturers, planners, architects and investors, who use this showcase of innovations to inform themselves about sustainable solutions for the future. The focus is also on knowledge exchange, new business contacts and lots of inspiration. “Light+Building is the ideal platform for discovering the latest developments and talking to international industry experts. No other event offers this combination of lighting expertise and state-of-the-art technologies for building technology and automation,” says Johannes Möller, Director of Light + Building.

“The way people live, work and interact in cities and inside buildings is constantly evolving, so future building technologies must be able to adapt to ever-changing and varied needs. There must be interfaces for new energy sources, systems must be interoperable, and emission-efficient and cost-saving operation should be the norm,‘ Möller explains. The basic prerequisite for greater sustainability and a future-proof building sector lies in electrification, which is why Be Electrified will be the motto of the 2024 Light+Building. Under this slogan, three central themes – ‘Sustainability’, ‘Connectivity’ and ‘Work + Living’ – will delve into what will be essential for living spaces, working environments and mobility in the future, and will be the leitmotif of lectures, guided tours and special exhibitions during Light + Building.

Top Themes: Sustainability, Connectivity and Work + Living

The Sustainability theme analyses systems and approaches that contribute to a more sustainable building sector, including the integration and storage of regeneratively produced energy and efficient energy management. However, sustainability also plays an important role in the materials used and production processes.

The Connectivity theme also focuses on the efficient use of resources, as in the Smart Home and Smart Building, electrification and digitisation are the basis for efficient networking of buildings and installations. In the lifecycle of a building, this already starts with planning using Building Information Modelling (BIM). The collection and storage of data makes it possible during the utilisation phase to efficiently monitor and review the functionality of the building, resulting in higher comfort and, above all, greater safety.

The central theme Work + Living addresses the changing demands on mobility, living spaces, workplaces, production and sales premises, as well as in the urban context. Whether working remotely from home, in the office or in an industrial building, the Smart Home and Smart Building of the future are designed in such a way that both modes are possible. Particular attention is paid to light and lighting in all its forms. Innovative technology is combined here with state-of-the-art design for enhanced comfort, and trends in all their expressions play an important role in influencing the design of luminaires and buildings.

Lighting meets smart building

In the eastern part of the exhibition centre, exhibitors will present the world of lighting in all its nuances at Light + Building. The many possible applications range from technical lighting for office buildings, educational establishments, industry, craft trades, through street, emergency and point-of-sale lighting to decorative and design lighting, as well as lighting components and accessories.

Innovative technologies for the sustainable buildings of the future will be concentrated in the western part of the exhibition centre, where manufacturers will present both electronic components for electrification and digitisation of the infrastructure, and technologies for home and building automation, which form the basis for the integration of alternative energy sources and ensure the efficient use of resources.

An essential component of the Smart Home and Smart Building are networked security systems, to which the Intersec Building exhibition area at Light + Building 2024 will be dedicated. The product offering includes video surveillance and access control systems, as well as fire and data protection systems. Live and digital to optimise the trade fair experience.

The 3 keywords of Light + Building 2024

Light + Building shows the most important products and solutions in the field of light and lighting. A valuable orientation aid in the large range of products at the world’s leading trade fair is the trend presentation by the trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano. The style experts have identified three relevant trends for 2024/25 that will influence the design and development of lighting fixtures: WELCOME TOMORROW, EMBRACE SIMPLICITY and CREATE UNIQUENESS.

  • WELCOME TOMORROW: Combines magical lighting effects, fascinating designs with advanced technologies. The designers and developers ingeniously explore the innovative possibilities and create visionary designs. With stunning visual and illusory effects such as reflections, movement, unreal colour glow as well as sensory lighting effects, they create a hypnotic, supernatural aesthetic.
  • EMBRACE SIMPLICITY: New design approaches open the view for holistic considerations: sustainable, functional and emotional are the results. Pure, natural, with structural and material sincerity, the authentic luminaire designs and the sustainable material developments are always associated with a story. Here, quality craftsmanship is just as much in focus as natural materials, imaginative experiments with alternative materials, modern manufacturing technologies and an unerring sense for the useful and the emotional.
  • CREATE UNIQUENESS: Here, diverse and special designs with a distinctly unique character come together in an eclectic mix. Striking shapes, expressive surfaces, unconventional designs – the interiors look like a select, curated collection of artistic pieces. The use of very different materials, which come together in unexpected, contrasting combinations, is also eye-catching. The spatial effects are charismatic: vintage appeal combines with clean modernity, craftsmanship with a free-spirited expression. In an inspiring dialogue between industry and craftsmanship, distinctive designs and stimulating compositional ideas emerge.

Light + Building’s digital platform complements the live trade fair experience in Frankfurt with a range of additional services. Participants will be able to get in touch with the right business contacts via the digital matchmaking platform both before and during the trade fair. In addition, numerous lectures and panel discussions from Light + Building’s extensive side programme will also be available after the fair as an on-demand offer.

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