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Presentation of IQD 73 at Albed space

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On 6 February, the presentation of IQD 73 curated by Leonardo Prieto and Daniele Lauria, with a focus on Italy Colombia, was held in Milan at the Albed space.

Deepening knowledge of the relationships that bind the cultural forces of two countries encourages that intercultural dialogue that points to diversity and local specificities as important factors for growth and development.

We thank all participants and our presenters:

  • Roberta Busnelli / Editorial Director and Editor in Chief of IQD
  • Daniele Lauria / Architect expert in Latin American markets
  • Gabriele Falconi / Architect who has been following the architectural development of one of Italy’s most important wineries for years Falconi Architettura
  • Roberto Pagnano / Architect responsible for a recent project to redevelop an industrial area and transform it into a residential community
  • Matteo Pedron / Engineer and director Consorzio Stabile Predon

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