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IQD Event at Triennale Milano

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Last Thursday, March 9, at 5:30 p.m. at Triennale Milano, the topic of the latest issue, focused on Architecture of Waves, was discussed with the curator, architect Benedetta Tagliabue, in an open debate with the public. Designing by weaving means rediscovering the origin and the process of the connections between man, his artifacts and architecture; it means rediscovering a past capable of enhancing the present and of helping it to face the most important challenges, including the environmental ones. Designing by weaving has also the allegorical meaning of intervening on the social fabric, in this case by weaving together people, cultures, living conditions and schools of thought. A participatory project, in which the architect’s skills intertwine with the needs and cultures of the people for whom the work is intended, creates a sense of belonging and enriches all involved people, architecture and context.

Next, the architects curating the next Program followed: Andrea Boschetti with Carla Ferrer, Amelia Tavella, and Daniele Lauria who introduced the topics that will be tackled in the 2023 monothematic issues. The theme addressed in the next issue curated by architect Amelia Tavella will be The Skin; the theme addressed by architect Andrea Boschetti and his office Metrogramma in collaboration with Carla Ferrer and Marco Jacomella founders of ITER studio, will be Right to Housing; finally, the theme addressed in the last issue of the year by architect Daniele Lauria and various architects will be Colombia.

During the conference, a short exclusive video was also screened, produced and commented by Alfredo Brillembourg, co-founder in 1998 in Caracas of the interdisciplinary collective Urban-Think Tank and curator of the first 2023 issue, focused on Equity in Architecture. The subject Equity in Architecture refers to the idea of a profession conceived as a civil and social commitment, outcome of a perfect balance between knowledge, ingenuity and objectives, aimed at creating spaces suitable for an adequate standard of living of human beings and for their coexistence with the surrounding.

IQD Event at Triennale Milano / Daniele Lauria, Carla Ferrer, Andrea Boschetti, Amelia Tavella, Benedetta Tagliabue
IQD Event at Triennale Milano / Daniele Lauria, Carla Ferrer, Andrea Boschetti, Amelia Tavella, Benedetta Tagliabue

This issue too does not offer solutions or pre-established certainties, which are almost always suffocating propaganda hindering true growth and improvement, but it features different visions, which in turn pave the way for debate and discussion. It is not by chance that Brillembourg in his editorial, quoting Giancarlo De Carlo, draws attention to the inconvenient reality of most of the representatives of the architectural discipline who, playing into the hands of the structure of economic and bureaucratic power, have lost track of the most important reasons of their cultural, ethical – aesthetics being included in the ethical commitments of Architecture – and political commitment.

Purpose of this issue, and of all the issues of the magazine, is to foster, promote and disseminate this debate, by tackling topics that Architecture cannot ignore today – participation, reuse, sociological implications, sustainability, reading of the context – examined from points of view differing from those of a one-way ideology, almost always demagogic and deceptive. All this, starting from the social root of Architecture: hybrid, experimental visions, featured not so much for the designers as for the users, the addressees of the transformations that any building necessarily brings with it, those who have to cope with them when they are irresponsible or self-referential.

We thank the many professionals who honored us with their presence.

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