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XO and AVIOR by Vanità & Casa

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Thanks to its combination of refined design, technology and technical innovation, XO, the illuminated mirror designed by architect Massimo Farinatti and produced by Vanità & Casa, was selected for the ADI Design Index 2022 and exhibited at the modern headquarters of the ADI Museum in Milan. In December it will also be on display in Rome, in the prestigious headquarters of the Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana, first stage of the journey that will lead in 2024 to the next Compasso d’Oro Award. The selection, which crowns a path made of extreme attention to quality, design, safety and sustainability, is a stimulus for the company to carry on its research and development activities applied to each single stage of the production cycle, from the design, to the choice of raw materials and the production techniques up to the final packaging.

We are very proud of this important recognition which rewards the commitment of these years – the founders Monica De Conti and Alexander Caruso comment. We always put research and development activities first and this allows us not only to meet high technological, quality and safety standards for the customer, but also to respect precise production choices, such as that to be eco-friendly, for example by providing responsible production that minimizes the use of energy, eliminating plastics in packaging, using acid-free sealants, recyclable materials, such as aluminum, steel, and glass, and Plexiglas which, once applied behind the mirror glass, diffuses the light evenly in the room.

XO by Vanità & Casa


As XO and other products from the eclectic collection of illuminated mirrors and mirror-containers, the Avior line too, recently enriched with the Round and Oval versions, features the revolutionary Ghost technology, developed in collaboration with Farinatti, which, thanks to innovative materials and a patented technology that can be applied behind both the back silvering of the mirror and the frames, allows to make the light source completely invisible.

With a simple touch,  light comes to life to illuminate the reflected image in its purest form, with another touch of the sensor it disappears, leaving no traces in transparency. Avior, designed by Vanità & Casa Research Center with architect Farinatti, is a graphic sign that becomes a mirror to illuminate, enhance the spaces and decorate any residential and hospitality environment with style and elegance.

Avior Round by Vanità & Casa

Another innovative system developed by the company is MLS, Modular Light System, which allows to choose which modules to use and, via the touch sensor, to vary the intensity and color temperature of the energy efficient LED light source. MLS allows energy saving: no light is wasted and, thanks to the patented Ghost technology and the innovative used materials, the unlit modules are completely invisible and do not affect the reflecting surface. The recent and upcoming collections, outcomes of the company’s process of constant growth, development and improvement of products and technologies, will be shown in different exhibitions and trade fairs in 2023, as at ISH in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 March, where the bathroom trends are set, and at Salone del Mobile in Milan, from 18 to 23 April.

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