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Surfaces, objects and pieces of furniture shaped between art and design with surprising sculptural effects: De Castelli at Milano Design Week

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Surfaces, objects and pieces of furniture shaped between art and design with surprising sculptural effects: De Castelli, whose mission is the experimental research on metals, will take centre stage at Milano Design Week 2023 with an exhibiting area at the fair, a redesigned showroom and special projects in collaboration with galleries and foundations that promote outstanding craftsmanship at an international level.

This marks another significant achievement for De Castelli and solidifies its reputation for combining industrial processes and traditional handcrafted techniques that never cease to amaze. The company’s identity is constantly evolving through the creativity that emerges from its workshops and is applied using research and cutting-edge technology to create new expressions and an extraordinary range of metal products.

De Castelli Glyphé

Salone del Mobile

During the fair, De Castelli will present Glyphé, the 2023 research project that experiments with new complex and overlapping processes that draw inspiration from traditional forging techniques, replacing iron with brass. The process involves several stages of beating, oxidation, polishing, brushing and honing create material deformations on thick plates and unique markings on metal. Visitors are welcomed by a large reception desk and a majestic chandelier, which showcases all the expressive potential of Glyphé. They are led into the exhibition hall where the company’s collections are on display, including the Xilo table designed by Delineo Design studio, which also uses the Glyphé technique.

The stand also features the latest collections, expressing the Biomorphic research of 2022 that explores the theme of organic shapes. These include the Ripple cabinet by Marco Pisati, the Sinestesia console, the Monolite partition by Tipstudio, and the freestanding Airframe bookcase designed by Pio and Tito Toso. The stand is completed by the Folio table by Draw Studio and other collections that are already in the catalogue such as the Sculpt side cabinet by Francesco Forcellini and the Between Nature tables by Stormo Studio, which are also part of the Biomorphic research that revitalises and modernises the traditional techniques of metal beating and hammering.

De Castelli at the Salone del Mobile. Photo Silvia Belotti

De Castelli Showroom Milan

The Glyphé research is also on display in the showroom as the main installation: a full-height wall covering and a large chandelier showcase the amazing alphabet of graphic signs and colour effects produced on brass surfaces subjected to the layered processes of annealing, flaming, beating and pressing. Designed by Delineo Design studio, Xilo is an expression of the company’s new experimentation on metals. The table’s irregular surface is composed of thick brass plates featuring a distinctive pattern of markings that dissolve into a delicate gradient of signs, contrasting with the smooth metal surface. In the gallery, which is part of the project created by Cino Zucchi for the showroom, a selection of collections showcases the design heritage and technical expertise of De Castelli.

De Castelli Showroom. Photo Marco Menghi


For the collective exhibition of Inter Nos organised by the Dilmos gallery for the Fuorisalone 2023, De Castelli partners with Alessandra Baldereschi to showcase the Robin table, made with a brass plate sinuously shaped and curved by the expert hands of the company’s craftsmen. The limited-edition Robin table is delicate and poetic with almost magical attention to detail. It becomes the centrepiece of the installation embodying the designer’s creativity in a fantastic, fairytale-like setting.

De Castelli & Alessandra Baldereschi. Dilmos, Robin table

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