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Qu presents the ‘Corpo Unico’ installation at MDW 2024. LIGHT talks to ART | ART talks to LIGHT

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At MDW 2023, Qu presents ‘Corpo Unico’, an installation focused on combining light and contemporary art.

In the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2024, QU, an emerging company in the lighting sector, confirms its vision of light, not only as a functional element but also as a true expressive tool able to transform space and to affect emotions; and it does so by means of a new installation that will take place in the very center of Brera. The Qu’s temporary showroom has once again been housed in a typical Milanese bourgeois palace and in its ‘secret’ garden, well protected by the surrounding buildings and the wall towards Via Cernaia.

The installation, entitled ‘Corpo Unico’, focused on the relationship between light and contemporary art by hosting a selection of works by the sculptor Salvatore Astore from Turin.


This project – coordinated by Aldo Parisotto of Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, with the artistic curatorship of the Mazzoleni, London – Torino gallery and the lighting consultancy of Light Company – has proposed a discovery path through the garden, the greenhouse and the rooms of the domestic interiors where the sculptural presences of the steel works interact with light in a dynamic balance.

Light, which alludes to the solar cycle and proposes a rotation of it, changes exactly as the sun would throughout the day, illuminating the work from one direction and projecting its shadow into the surrounding space. It is a colder tone when it comes from midday and warmer when it starts from a sunset. The shadows shorten and lengthen, deform and reveal new and emotional geometries of the works.

The installation also included a cutting-edge soundtrack to offer a unique and synesthetic sound&light experience. From Via Cernaia, the public was invited to visit and to walk through the perspective view of the garden from the gate, which is usually closed, and which opens onto an unexpected green space.

  • CONCEPT: Parisotto+ Formenton Architetti
  • LIGHTING DESIGN: Fulvio Baldeschi
  • CURATED BY : Mazzoleni, London – Torino Art Gallery

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