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Martinelli Luce inaugurates its metaverse with an experience dedicated to its founder Elio Martinelli.

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On 19 November 2022, the date that coincides with the centenary of Elio Martinelli’s birth, Martinelli Luce, a leading Italian company in the production of design lamps and innovative lighting systems, presented its metaverse in its showroom located in the heart of Lucca. A space designed by the Diorama studio, in which the visitor, welcomed by a play of light and shadow, will discover the history of Elio and Martinelli Luce, from its origins to the end of the 1990s.

In the year that marks 100 years since the birth of Elio Martinelli, Martinelli Luce, marks another important step in its history by inaugurating its metaverse with an experience dedicated to its founder. Always linked to technology and the innovation of a product, material or process, the Lucca-based company keeps its pioneering spirit alive by further expanding its field of experimentation in the digital world, in a context that sees the emergence of new technologies.

Thus was born for the company the idea of starting a journey in the metaverse and using this innovative tool to give the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the figure of Elio in all his guises, from set designer to artist, designer and entrepreneur, through a path that leads the virtual visitor to live a new experience. The visitor is presented with a pure immersion in the luminous world born from his pencil, enriched over the years by collaborations of excellence and today carried on with the same passion by his daughter, Emiliana Martinelli, President and Creative Director, and his grandson Marco Ghilarducci, Managing Director.


Developed in collaboration with the Diorama studio, Martinelli Luce’s metaverse is a metaphor for the company itself, with subtle references to the brand’s values and distinctive elements, and a starting point for the future. The visitor is welcomed by a play of light and shadow from which the experience begins, winding through different settings to discover the history of Elio and Martinelli Luce, from its origins to the end of the 1990s.

Along the way, some projects realised by Elio for theatre sets become settings reproduced in three dimensions. A total immersion in the first worlds designed by Elio, in which the distinctive traits of his style had already been outlined, which eliminated everything that was redundant to arrive at essential forms, in stage sets as in lamps. For the company, this first experience in the metaverse coincides with the centenary of Elio Martinelli’s birth.


An important new chapter that testifies to Martinelli Luce’s desire to explore and share cutting-edge innovations and technologies, not only from the point of view of products but also of communication and its relationship with the public. A new reality, that of the metaverse, on which the company wants to focus to offer a further meeting point, to support and accompany the website – more institutional – and other activities that will continue to find their own physical space, such as events and trade fairs.

This is a universe that, thanks to its digital nature, will be subject to continuous evolution, open to the introduction of new areas or experiences in which to participate not only as spectators but as actors. A new reality designed to become an engaging and emotional meeting point and entertainment over time.

Appointment in the metaverse:  www.martinelliluce.it.

©Diorama for Martinelli Luce

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