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Lucio Door / Design by Massimo Iosa Ghini / Barausse

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Inspired to the contemporary design, Iosa Ghini collection includes the pantographed bas-relief of Lucio model.

The doors collection Lucio, designed by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini for Barausse, specialized since 1967 in the production of indoor residential and hotel doors, pays tribute to the works of the famous artist Lucio Fontana. The door leaf, as the canvas for the artist, is characterized by one or more signs as if to climb over the matter and to go beyond it, evoking in this way the idea of opening towards, another dimension, another space.

The concept itself of door – architect Iosa Ghini explains – includes the idea of passage, of transition from one space to another and the door leaf that divides them is matter. As it is matter, it can be treated, carved, molded until achieving its passing through, almost like to overcome the boundaries. Everything is strongly influenced by the shadows with which the light, especially the oblique light, highlights continuity and discontinuty of the surface.

The renewed collaboration between the architect and the company, a perfect synergy of design talent and production quality, led also this time to the creation of a product featuring a high aesthetic and technical content.

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