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K-ARRAY collaborates on the restyling of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio

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K-ARRAY collaborates on the restyling of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio with a new system for audio reproduction. Built in the early 1920s under the name of Select Palace Hotel and renamed Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in 1938, the architecture returned to the peak of its charm in 2004 after 19 months of restoration.

For the design of the audio reproduction system of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, careful analysis was made of the particular needs of the structure and a thorough study of the surrounding environment. The project by S+S Studio in Florence and realized by K-ARRAY involves the installation of two systems Azimut-KAMUT2L14. Azimut is a compact audio solution that integrates a system for remote control and an ultra-performing signal processing in the amplifier, able to make the system integrable in any environment and architectural context. Azimut configuration is combined with Lyzard-KZ14, a miniaturized speaker just 10 cm long. Designed to fit any environment, Lyzard-KZ14 complies with the architectural constraints and the most demanding aesthetic solutions, thanks to its discreet size and the possibility to be customized in any color RAL.

Hotel restaurant Il Piccolo Principe

K-ARRAY also designed the customized 24K gold-plated aluminum cases for the acoustic system of the hotel restaurant Il Piccolo Principe, two Michelin stars, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Hidden from view, four Tornado-KT2 custom white RAL loudspeakers have been installed to obtain more coverage. This type of product allows the structure to have a clear and enveloping sound, without contaminating the design resulting from the recent restyling of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte by S+S Studio.

In this regard, the architect Nicola Spagni explains how the project and the collaboration with K- ARRAY was born, expressing the need and the will to design a restyling using the best local companies and productions. “K-ARRAY synthesizes an absolute sound quality within any type of space, minimizes the size and is not afraid to show itself in its design by producing objects that recall the function of the case even in appearance with simplicity and elegance, giving at the same time a very high level of performance”. 

Therefore K-ARRAY has been an integral part of the restyling plan of the hotel and restaurants. Thanks to the collaboration amongst like-minded people, the project was born: result of the highest technology, the most refined design and the maximum expression of luxury.

Acoustic well-being is the new luxury of hospitality

The concept of luxury is focusing always more on increasing the quality of people’s experience and well-being. To arrange the environments in such a way as to limit any stress solicitation with the complete involvement of all the senses, today represents the real luxury for structures that want to offer unforgettable experiences.

Here, the gold finishes of the taps, the embroidered figures on the soft linen and the architectural accuracy of the interior are no longer sufficient elements to evaluate the hospitality of a structure. In particular, the attention to acoustics and everything that the hearing can perceive is closely related to the experience that will be done in an environment.

Wellness through the choice of the play list

Therefore the music choice and the quality of sound diffusion acquire greater importance and a fundamental role in the new frontiers of reception. Sound is unconsciously perceived by the brain and its influence acts on the human being on several levels. In particular, music influences the frequency, breath and heartbeat, as well as the production of serotonin or cortisol. In addition, music can also affect the psychological status (amplifies emotions), cognitive (level of concentration) and behavioral (invites us to hold back or to move away from certain situations or environments).

The choice of musical contents is therefore fundamental and consequently also the quality of the loudspeakers, that are necessary to create a sound as close as possible to that of the songs original recordings, always uniformly distributed, without ever annoying. The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte entrusted with the design of the acoustic diffusion system to K-ARRAY, a Tuscany company, 100% Made in Italy and leader in the production of acoustic speakers with characteristics necessary to ensure acoustic comfort. 

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