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Franchi Umberto Marmi presents the Cubic and Spheric collections at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022

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On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, Franchi Umberto Marmi – a company founded in 1971, international leading company in the extraction, processing and supplying of the famous Carrara marble, and an international leader in the processing and marketing of the famous Carrara marble – presented two new furniture collections Cubic and Spheric.

Dedicated to luxury and material design, characterised by two shapes, the rounded and the square, and by the development of new products designed to use the marble not only indoor and outdoor but also in the boating world. These collections are the result of the creativity and the experience in the field of the LUCA DINI Design & Architecture Studio.

The meeting of Franchi Umberto Marmi with Luca Dini emerged almost as a challenge: the precise request of the Company was to create a new marble furniture line, called HOMEDESIGN, that could widen the product division already dedicated to the interior design and launched during the 2019 Salone del Mobile. In addition to the initial challenge, however, another opportunity pursued by the Company and offered by this partnership arose: making marble, a material usually perceived as statuesque and majestic, light and precious in its refinement.

Therefore, Cubic and Spheric represent the meeting between the Company and the Designer and the combination of natural elements with the design of a material full of history and art but that can also be extremely contemporary and modern. This is the understanding upon which the two new furniture lines develop, in which shapes, proportions and materials are enhanced by a high-technological manufacturing and an exclusive finishing. Marble is the true protagonist and is used in an original and innovative way, combined each time with precious essence or in original chromatic mixture. The main focus is always on lightness, obtained using aluminium or honeycomb structures that lighten the marble thickness and make it usable on boats, where lightness is essential both in the designing and in the creativity process.

Franchi Umberto Marmi’s marble in the Spheric and Cubic collections is a warm marble, ideal both for everyday use in high-end residential contexts and on board exclusive yachts, it is inclined to customisation, it is dynamic. The company has supported Luca Dini in the development of the new collections, providing all the technological baggage and know-how that have made him a leader in the stone industry: 45° cuts, curvatures, shaping and hollowing make the marble light and ductile almost like fabric, overcoming any perceived limits on the raw material. The finishing of the individual pieces represents a further step in the direction of perfection and aesthetic balance: precious and natural fabrics, selected and refined leathers integrate with the marble for an overall effect that speaks the only language of beauty and naturalness. The two new collections consist of seats, sofas and armchairs, sun loungers, high stools, as well as complements such as lanterns and coffee tables. Resistant to the elements and with essential maintenance, these objects are durable and transcend fashions and trends. They are made to be enjoyed and appreciated over time. Moving from tradition to innovation, this new project rightly brings attention back to marble, an ancient material now renewed through the language of design, technology and contemporaneity.


Absolute geometric rigour, but also essential and elegant shapes at the same time. An apparently light marble translates into furnishing accessories with a strong personality and totally customisable. Carrara marble in its precious varieties, from Statuario to Collemandina via Calacatta, is combined with precious fabrics and refined finishes, with exclusive wood essences, with metals that create remarkable contrasts in the details. In these objects, marble reveals its timeless soul together with all its contemporaneity. Cubic-A is a single-seater armchair with vigorous lines and enveloping shapes. It represents the idea of essential luxury in an armchair that is important for its size, but with a minimalist, geometrically inspired design. Cubic-Bed is a minimalist-style lounger that combines comfort and elegance through perfect proportions and disciplined shapes.


The round shape is a symbol of hospitality and inclusiveness, expressing here the constant search for balance between body and lightness. The volumes are important and the shapes sinuous. Carrara marble is the protagonist, seducing and offering itself to the eye in all its beauty. Each element of the collection can be customised according to the needs and taste of those who will experience it. Spheric-O is a circular sofa in Grigio Collemandina and rosewood. It is a reassuring and ‘gentle’ furnishing element: it satisfies the need for tranquillity that we all desire for our spaces and invites us to exclusive moments of absolute relaxation.

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