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Dialoganti, the new antoniolupi mirrors where design meets art

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The new mirror collection designed by Gumdesign and AL Studio for antoniolupi is inspired by Suprematist art. A series of geometric figures in constant dialogue with each other.

Art and design. Mirrored geometries and backlit surfaces. Shapes and reflections in constant motion. With Dialoganti, the new collection of mirrors by antoniolupi designed by Gumdesign and AL Studio, the mirror surpasses its primary function, turning into an abstract painting. A minimalist object but with a strong design, conceived to dialogue with all the furnishings and accessories in the antoniolupi catalog.

Born from the desire to recover shapes and decorations of mirrors from antoniolupi’s historical archive, the Dialoganti collection reinterprets that initial insight through art. Indeed, the project is inspired by the work of Kazimir Malevič, the great Russian artist who founded the Suprematist movement. Just as in a painting by Malevič, in Dialoganti mirrors everything is brought back to essential pure forms, to the composition of elementary geometries. Circles, arcs, rectangles, and triangles that become actors in a poetic-compositional performance.

Surfaces in continuous transformation

Dialogant mirrors are composed of the integration of two geometries. Two figures, one inside the other, conversing to define formal and dimensional balances. Geometries with a mirrored surface are inscribed within squares or rectangles, all with a very thin frame. The remaining surface is sandblasted and backlit, thus further highlighting the central portion of the mirror. The geometry of the reflective surface dialogues with its luminous alter ego, resulting in striking optical effects. The result is a virtual depth that alters the perception of the surface, giving character to the entire environment.

A mirror that is in dialogue with every room in the house

Thanks to the many geometric combinations, Dialoganti mirrors can be made in an infinite number of solutions. The clean and rigorous design of Dialoganti allows the mirrors to be used in every room of the house, confirming the cross-cutting character of antoniolupi collections. Always synonymous with excellence in the world of bathroom furniture, today antoniolupi in fact breaks out of those boundaries, offering furnishing solutions for the living, dining, and bedroom areas as well. To offer the possibility to coordinate each element harmoniously and thus design interiors under the banner of an elegant and refined total look.

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