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Casalgrande Padana at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024

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Casalgrande Padana – a company that for more than 60 years has been evolving ceramic materials, innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for cladding, flooring and facades are capable of meeting any creative or technological requirements in the world of architecture and design – presented its latest collections at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024: Aquatio, Marmora, Pietra Tiburtina and Project Wood.

Casalgrande Padana at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024

Aquatio is Casalgrande Padana’s first range of bathroom décor accessories. It includes standard washbasins, shelves and shower trays that make stoneware tiles the star feature in the bathroom. An interesting, innovative design emerges from the water, creating original material textures on the surface that feature shimmering reflections, smooth transparencies, subtle veining effects and sophisticated colour variations. This versatile new range from Casalgrande slots easily into any setting, standing out for its clean, simple lines and customisable dimensions that allow architects and designers to create bathroom décor solutions tailored to specific needs.

The Aquatio décor elements are made entirely from 6mm-thick porcelain stoneware tiles with Bios Antibacterial® technology, the exclusive silver-based treatment able to guarantee continual protection by eliminating 99% of the bacteria present on the ceramic surface, while at the same time combating unpleasant odours and preventing the formation of mould, yeast and fungi. This antibacterial capacity is permanently and irreversibly incorporated into the tile, and remains active round the clock, even in the dark.


The result of careful aesthetic research and technological innovation, the new Marmora porcelain stoneware collection offers a faithful reproduction of the sophisticated low-relief veining effects created over the centuries in rock sedimentations all over the world. Marmora is a superb blend of beauty and technical performance, with luminous reflections bathed in light and smoothly contrasting tones arranged on the tiles, piecing together a perfect puzzle that combines graphics and textures to recall the finest natural marbles in existence.

The irregular veining effects carved out in the rock shape three-dimensional surfaces with a sophisticated tactile appeal, offering endless composition options and new creative avenues to explore in which classic style engages with contemporary design. Marmora comes in six colours (Grigio Antico, Lunese, Morato, Nero Antico, Palombino and Pavonazzetto)


These tiles come in both a vein-cut version, which emphasises the lengthwise layers of the limestone deposits, and a cross-cut version, with an antiqued finish also available, which highlights the subtle cloud-like effects and gives the tiles an aged flavour of times gone by. The new Pietra Tiburtina collection combines the beauty of stone with the strength and resistance of porcelain stoneware.

Delicate earthy shades, beautiful streaks and three-dimensional light and shade effects run through the ceramic tiles, giving them a delightfully elegant texture. The Pietra Tiburtina collection draws inspiration from the finest types of travertine in nature. It comes in four colours (Aventino, Campidoglio, Celio, and Palatino).


Magnificent and long-lived, beech is one of the most popular, widely used woods in Europe. It gains a new lease of life in the new stoneware collection developed in collaboration with the architecture firm SBGA Blengini Ghiradelli. A perfect combination of colour and design redefines wood surfaces, with rare, fine woods and warm, luminous shades each offering their own angle on the beauty and variety of this magnificent natural material and creating interesting design solutions.

The sophisticated material appeal and shifting tactile sensations mimic the traces of the wood of inspiration, enhancing the delicate grain and the fine texture of the staves in porcelain stoneware from the Project Wood collection, to create beautifully sophisticated settings with a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for complementing any décor style. The result of painstaking research aimed at creating a lasting, eco-sustainable product, the new Project Wood collection is available in five shades (Mesola, Migliarino, Paneveggio, Pollino and Quarto).

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are durable, hard-wearing, non-absorbent, antibacterial and self-cleaning (thanks to the Bios Ceramics available on request). They also have excellent bending strength, and are resistant to fire, frost and wear and tear. These fully recyclable tiles are unaffected by temperature fluctuations in any area of the world. They are non-deformable, guarantee excellent mechanical resistance, and do not age.

Casalgrande Padana has been on the leading edge of environmental management for many years now, and is committed to on-going improvement with a view to reducing its footprint. To this end, the company uses the finest technologies available, applying circular economy criteria in the use of energy, water and waste, and adopting certified product and process environmental management procedures. 100% of the raw waste is reused, and 100% of the water used in our processes is treated and reused; 90% of the electrical energy required for the production process is self-produced, and 99.5% of waste is recovered.

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