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antoniolupi presents MXTP at the Salone del Mobile 2024

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Albertino and Carlo Colombo designed the MXTP for antoniolupi, an exclusive and customisable console combining music and high quality design

The new MXTP console, presented exclusively during the Salone del Mobile 2024, is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Carlo Colombo‘s innovative design, antoniolupi‘s manufacturing experience and the expertise in the world of music of Albertino dj, artistic director of Radio m2o.

antoniolupi MXTP – Andrea Lupi, Carlo Colombo e Albertino (©Francesco Margutti – Photomovie)

The acronym “MXTP” is meant to represent a new concept of mixtape, combining elements of design and innovation inspired by the shape and functionality of cassette tapes. Seen from above, the perimeter of the console top is indeed reminiscent of the shape of the cassette tape, for a fusion of elements intended to create a distinctive and innovative identity for this product, capable of combining reminders of the past, needs of the present and echoes of the future. In fact, MXTP does not merely respond to the needs of the present, but somehow anticipates future trends and frontiers in entertainment design.

The aesthetic purity of the design is emphasized by the fact that all cables are hidden within the leg structure. This approach contributes to a clean and uncluttered appearance, eliminating cable clutter and maintaining a smooth and elegant aesthetic line. The two legs, in addition to supporting the top, play at the same time a discreet and elegant solution to manage wiring.

antoniolupi MXTP


Thanks to its line MXTP integrates harmoniously not only into spaces dedicated purely to music listening but can fit into any home environment without looking out of place. This flexibility in design allows the Custom DJ Desk to adapt to a wide variety of living contexts, heightening its versatility and aesthetic value.

MXTP is designed to be customizable to the highest degree and was born as a universal solution for deejays and music lovers because it can accommodate the different models of devices on the market that differ in size or format: Mixers, CD Players and Standalones fit perfectly into the shell thanks to the different designed tops. In addition, MXTP is already structured to also accommodate machines that use large vinyl records.

antoniolupi MXTP – Andrea Lupi, Carlo Colombo, Albertino, Roberta Busnelli


In a market where Custom DJ Desk are predominantly simple boxes or tables covered with black sheets, I had long felt the need for a different product that could elevate the figure of the DJ, which is increasingly important today, and that could unite music and design, worlds that are only seemingly distant from each other,” says Albertino, artistic director of radio m2o. “MXTP, with its distinct appeal and strong emotional charge, was created as a communicative and popular tool to pay homage to these two art forms. For the design of this object, which goes into a segment not yet covered by any design brand, I immediately thought of Carlo Colombo, a famous architect and designer whom I have known personally for 30 years.”

Designer Carlo Colombo describes the MXTP Custom DJ Desk table as an object where the generosity of the sign indelibly marks the transition between memory and avant-garde in a context of forms and functions that embrace the musical gesture, projecting a timeless object into the future. “To realize it concretely,” says Carlo Colombo, “I involved Andrea Lupi, with whom I have been working for 25 years. Together we immediately shared this idea of Albertino with great passion and determination.  Both Andrea and I, in fact, are visionaries, and this is demonstrated by the evolution of the mission of the antoniolupi brand, which in recent years has been able to grow both in terms of turnover and in the emotional and product path.”

When Carlo Colombo and Albertino showed me the design of a console desk,” says Andrea Lupi CEO of the antoniolupi family company, “I was immediately impressed and accepted with great enthusiasm the challenge to create an object that did not exist. This is yet another great test for my company, an opportunity to once again demonstrate our ability to innovate and create unique solutions. The end result is truly extraordinary, the MXTP Console is an innovative product with infinite potential.”

Dimensions: L 180, D 80. H100 cm Materials used: Aluminum.

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