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antoniolupi at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022

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Key word of the new antoniolupi collections: transversality. Always synonymous with excellence in the
world of bathroom furniture, today antoniolupi goes beyond those boundaries, proposing furnishing
solutions for every room in the house. From the entrance to the living room, from the dining area to the
bedroom. To offer the possibility of harmoniously coordinating each element and thus designing interiors
in the name of an elegant and refined total look

Antoniolupi’s new path is confirmed by the decision to present the latest collections in the S. Project section at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, a transversal space dedicated to design products and decorative and technical solutions for interior design. Here visitors will be able to experience the many possibilities of the antoniolupi total look inside a stand of 880 square meters, a space that promises to offer a unique and emotional experience. The large exhibition space, designed to best highlight the different research themes, structured so that the visitor can immerse himself in the settings, be part of a story made of contemporary style and sophisticated balance of forms, excellence of materials and tactility of the surfaces, unique details, and refined colors.

The project to go beyond the bathroom has been a part of our business for some years now. – says Andrea Lupi, CEO of the company”- Given that the core of our production is and will remain the bathroom, to direct the company towards the living room there is an enlarged vision of design and the program to offer a complete furnishing project “Total living”. Wallpapers, carpets, consoles, fireplaces, mirrors and lamps are references that find their place in any environment, thanks to the unmistakable style and high quality they have in common”.

antoniolupi at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022


WAVE, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

Contrasts are the key word of WAVE, the marble sink that marks the first collaboration between antoniolupi and the Fuksas Architecturalstudio. In fact, the unusual lightness of the shape contrasts with the solidity of the marble. The result is a fluid and essential sign that seems to flow like a wave, without however betraying the identity of the material.

WAVE, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas

BEMADE, designed by Carlo Colombo

The Bemade collection designed by Carlo Colombo in 2020 enters the bedroom. The new wardrobe cabinets maintain the same characteristics of the original project, updated in terms of dimensions and proportions. The BEMADE wardrobe cabinets can be made in different wood essences or in the wide range of colors of the antoniolupi lacquers. The glass is also available in different finishes: transparent in bronze and fumè, etched, fluted or reflective. The BORDERLINE furniture system by the same author proposes the theme of the exposed handle while the Bemade system is enriched with the floor version and with wardrobe cabinets. Between the bathroom and the living room there is also the proposal of suspended or self-supporting surfaces ALA, designed by Carlo Colombo, to house sinks, containers and open compartments, audio-video devices, in a linear and essential style. antoniolupi’s research on the infinite potential of the wall continues with BAG, the new built-in solution, a precious and functional niche to contain objects and accessories within the shower space.

BEMADE, designed by Carlo Colombo

OFURO, designed by Carlo Colombo

OFURO is the new bathtub designed by Carlo Colombo for antoniolupi. The project is inspired by the large wooden hinoki tubs used in the ancient ritual of the Japanese bath. An inspiration reinterpreted, however, contemporary by replacing wood with Flumood. Imposing and sculptural, the Ofuro bathtub is characterized by a border wwith a variable thickness, wider in some parts to allow objects to be placed, thinner in others to lighten the volume. The bathtub is available in both freestanding and built-in versions.

OFURO, antoniolupi at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022. Ph Silvia Belotti

LETTERAMUTA, designed by Gumdesign

LETTERAMUTA is the new shelf designed by Gumdesign to house bathroom accessories. A modular and versatile shelf. Through appropriate holes and slots, the shelf can in fact multiply or be accessorized.

METRICA and MANIFESTO mirrors interact perfectly with the new furniture collections. A new console for the TRAMATO project that enhances the quality of craftsmanship, as well as the new PAESAGGI SOSPESI coffee tables and poufs that re-propose the striped motif that is the stylistic feature that unites the whole range of TRALERIGHE wallpapers, which cover and frame the whole stand, defining spaces and perspectives.

ANIMA LIQUIDA, designed by Giorgio Rava

The ANIMA LIQUIDA project by Giorgio Rava aroused wonder and amazement. Recalling the purity of the baptismal font it evokes the primordial rite of holy water through a monolithic block in Ceppo di Grè stone. Today the project is expanding with a series of furniture with limited dimensions and very textured finishes, designed not only for the bathroom but also for the living room.

Numerous new accessories proposed in Milan

CACTUS is the new rod that extends from the floor to the ceiling and acts as a towel and bathrobe holder, perfectly matching the new RIGO modular towel warmers, available in the wide range of colors. And again, the mirrors from the 3D COLLAGE collection by Luca Galofaro that light up with LED light, the ROME and BIVIO coffee tables with the integration of marble and metal and the Tekna shelf for the living area by AL Studio. The fruitful collaboration with Gumdesign continues, which has given rise to successful proposals in recent years. LETTERAMUTA is the new aluminum shelf that refers explicitly to the architectural element of the metal beam while the METRICA and MANIFESTO mirrors interact perfectly with the new furniture collections.


ICEMOOD is the new transparent resin finish developed for the Salone that gives volumes and shapes a translucent “glacial effect” typical of the natural phenomenon.


Throughout the stand, sight and touch are gratified by perfect shapes and sophisticated color combinations, by smooth and velvety surfaces, by three-dimensional textures. The objects invite the visitor to get closer, to touch the elements and to admire the details. To further involve those who will enter the stand, FUGACE, the new line of home fragrances by antoniolupi.

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