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CASA TABU opened in Milan

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On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2022, Tabu, the international reference for the dyeing technology of natural wood and multilaminar wood, which has made sustainability its vocation and daily commitment, has inaugurated CASA TABU in the prestigious Brera district with an original fashion show of clothes made with Tabu wood. A space dedicated to beauty, to the pleasure of designing with wood and to training on the state-of-the-art wood surfaces.

On the occasion of the opening, they previewed Escapes, a series of dyed and multilaminar natural veneers, presented in five moodboards, each one dedicated to an enchanting lifestyle. Elegantia, featuring the gray scale of Medullary Ray Plane, American Walnut and Herringbone wood embodies the concept of a timeless elegance. Characterized by dark and bold colors on light backgrounds, this palette is modern and at the same time refined and full of character. Eterea celebrates the soft three-dimensional nature of the fiber in the precious woods of Eucalyptus and Maple: an intimate dimension at the heart of Nature, real or evoked, enveloped in light tone-ontone colors and in simple and abstract shapes. Protagonist of Isolabella is Tabu Bolivar wood, originating from the east coast of the United States, whose natural shades make the perception of blue vivid, recalling the glowing lights over the sea, the breezes and the colors of the waves.

The Montefeltro palette is inspired by the atmospheres of Renaissance libraries and small studies with fine wooden inlays down to the Victorian Clubs of the late nineteenth century: exclusive, discreet milieux where elegance reigns in every detail, among objects of refined workmanship and superior craftsmanship. The dark shades of brown of exotic woods, the nuances of Oak, the three-dimensionality of Eucalyptus and Medullary Ray Plane are enhanced by the Renaissance green accents of the Tabu Bolivar Green, eternal symbol of prosperity and wealth. Finally, Purpurea, a fascinating moodboard, embellished by the soft volutes of the Madrona Burl, combined with Walnut and Oak, gives the feeling of being immersed in a flower garden, savoring the emotion of a nature that manifests in an explosion of scents, forms and colors.

CASA TABU also includes the OFFICINA DEI SARTI by SKEENS Tabu Boiserie and the entire collection of charming decorative surfaces. Operating since June, CASA TABU is now ready to host meetings, exhibitions and events with an international clientele.

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