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Rozzano Sports Center / SBG Architetti

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The new Sports Center for football matches and events, designed by firm SBG Architetti, is located in Rozzano, a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Milan. The project involved the construction of a 920 sqm single-storey building serving the soccer area, which dialogues with the surrounding urban and natural environment.

The context is that of a suburbs, characterized by lawns and green areas, evidence of the agricultural past of the territory, on the edge of the Rural Park South Milan, which, with its approximately 47,000 hectares, represents approximately 30% of the total area of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

In terms of distribution, the building is divided into two volumes: a tower building intended as a bar and an in-line volume for the athletes’ changing rooms. The hinged space between the two volumes identifies the public entrance for spectators, while the athletes have a separate access through the corridor of the changing rooms. The two volumes are distinguished by the use of different covering materials.

While the in-line volume is characterized by a skin with laser-cut perforated sheet metal panels, custom-made and powder-coated in a grey-blue color, the tower building feature a spectacular façade with silver-colored Diamante R20 Boa ceramic tiles by Casalgrande Padana of different patterns and iridescent finish. Thanks to its diamond inspired facets, this collection, designed in collaboration with architect Alfonso Femia, can define iridescent surfaces, marked by reflections and chiaroscuro contrasts, which characterize the façades of the building in a three-dimensional way, changing according to the light and colors of the landscape.

The dynamic and three-dimensional effects that characterize the skins of the project, both during the day and in the evening – supported by an elaborate lighting design, in particular in the yellow corridor of the in-line volume, where the light that filters through the perforated second skin gradually intensifies close to the entrances to the changing rooms – enhance the dual role of the building as urban landmark and gateway to the Rural Park.

The new Rozzano Sports Center was designed by the Milan-based firm SBG Architetti with the aim of meeting both the technical and dimensional requirements in terms of construction and safety of a neighborhood sports facility and the desire to build a recognizable landmark, capable, despite the small size, to establish a visual relationship between the urban center, the surrounding green areas and the nearby Rural Park.

For this reason, the use of coverings that characterize the two volumes of the Center was pivotal. On the one hand, the overlapping of a double-layer sheet metal, perforated to generate a particular pattern, produces three-dimensional and dynamic effects. On the other hand, the same effects were obtained thanks to a cladding with silver-colored Diamante R20 Boa ceramic tiles by Casalgrande Padana in the 10×20 size and in the various available patterns, arranged with vertical geometry staggered by half the length.

For the composition, a mathematical rule of tile arrangement was applied with the aim of randomizing the succession of the different patterns and of creating a variegated surface that reflects the light and colors of the landscape. The result is a vibration of the colors and the light reflected by the characteristic iridescence of the tiles, which enhances the quality of the façade and its environmental integration.

Resistant Casalgrande Padana anthracite gray tiles from the Granito Evo collection were also used to create all the internal floor and wall coverings of the changing rooms and the bar of the sports facility, which is one of the candidates of the 12th edition of the Grand Prix, the prestigious competition for projects that have included the company’s ceramic slabs.

  • Client: Comune di Rozzano (MI)
  • Area: 920 m²
  • Location: Rozzano, Milano, Italia
  • Date: 2021
  • Structural Design: D. Mariani
  • Services Design: Advanced Engineering
  • Photo Credits: Daniele Pavesi

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