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Castelatto Pavilion / Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados

Architect: Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados
Place: Atibaia, Brazil
Photographer: Nelson Kon
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In Atibaia, a Brazilian municipality in the state of São Paulo, surrounded by green areas and low hills, firm Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados, founded in 1987 by architects Mario Biselli and Artur Katchborian, has recently completed an exhibition Pavilion with a 2,350 sqm gross floor area within an industrial complex. The strong presence of production buildings in the complex has not prevented the presence of numerous preserved green areas and ciliary forest along the stream surrounding the area.

The location of the Pavilion, nestled between buildings, green areas and forest, highlights its institutional importance as an architecture intended to house exhibition galleries, spaces for events, meetings and art exhibitions, an auditorium, terraces and areas dedicated to operational infrastructure. Each space has its own well-defined identity and the circulation has been designed to facilitate a pleasant, uninterrupted promenade, starting from the external squares, without doors or blockages of any kind, so that the path has the same relevance as the internal spaces.

LaThe peculiarity of the recently completed project of an exhibition Pavilion lies in the study of a distribution, capable of balancing the relevance of the spaces with that of the visitor experience, as well as in the high quality of the spaces, which are large, well-lit and include courtyards, gardens and a reflecting pool. A careful choice of the materials, used with particular attention to their varied shades and textures, has contributed to the aesthetic and functional outcome of the project. The choice of the metal structures, of the steel frame of the walls and of an extensive use of Architectural Concrete as a surface cladding element was strategic; especially the latter, with its qualities of versatility and aesthetic appeal, has lent a strong personality and harmony to the project.

  • Architects: Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos Associados
  • Photographs: Nelson Kon
  • Place: Atibaia, Brazil
  • Lead Architects: Mario Biselli, Artur Katchborian
  • Project Team: Cassia Lopes Moral (coordenadora); Alexandre Biselli, Stephanie Luna e Carolina Gomes.
  • Landscape: Benedito Abbud
  • Interior Design: Denise Barretto
  • Installations: FTCH Engenharia Civil Ltda.
  • Electrical Installation: Eureka
  • Climate: Arcontemp
  • Lighting: Rene Adriani Jr.
  • Construction: Lock Engenharia

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