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Whatever Works IQD 59


Creative studio founded in Rome in 2016 by 5 partners: Daniele Ficociello / Creative Director, Zaira Magliozzi / Account Director, Federica Marchetti / Project Manager Director, Giulia Mura / Pr Director and Roberto Sommatino / Copy Director. They develop communication and design projects through: care of the contents, editorial design, web and social strategy, identity, naming, branding, exhibition design and event coordination.

Whatever Works

On the one hand we have a selection of famous projects, published many times, sharing the same approach to architecture that does not admit disciplinary fences, inviolable rules or autonomy of any kind and that, on the contrary, encourages contaminations and exceptions as long as, after all, everything works: whatever works. On the other hand we have a collective critical text: two posts on Facebook (not related to the above mentioned projects) treated as the starting point for a general debate on architecture, alongside with their strictly not selected comments. In short, extraneous texts and images, sharing only the topics of architecture and an anarchist idea of how we can discover the beauty of the world, an idea intolerant of the rigidity of the method. The images of the works we have chosen, known and already published (which therefore have already lived and worked elsewhere), have been subdivided into essential parts, recomposed and combined like types in Gutenberg’s printing press, but to form new meanings with respect to their original story. And if a single-voice linear text can still follow the Renaissance editorial model – perfect for the narrative and the literary essays – for an informal chat on Facebook it has been useful to remember that texts can occupy the space of the page in a multidimensional way just as images do, and that this happens continuously: receipts, indexes, tables, diagrams and others are examples we see every day.

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